Waggoner Diagnostics and Keeler Americas Set Out to Provide Accessible Color Vision Testing for All with Groundbreaking Distribution Partnership

Rogers, Arkansas, November 17, 2023 – Today, Waggoner Diagnostics and Keeler USA, a manufacturer of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, clinical supplies, surgical instruments and pharmaceuticals, announced a strategic partnership for the distribution of Waggoner’s color vision testing suite, focusing on the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test (Waggoner CCVT), in the United States.

Shared values at core of partnership

With color vision deficiencies (CVD), often referred to as color blindness, and related impairments on the rise nationwide, the needs of corporate clients, healthcare providers and individuals for rapid, accurate and accessible color vision continue to mount. By synergizing Waggoner’s vast suite of innovative next-generation color vision testing solutions with the power of Keeler’s nationwide distribution network, the two firms aim to fill this gap and change the lives of millions of patients across the country.

“Keeler has been a highly-respected organization in the ophthalmic industry for more than 100 years,” remarked T.J. Waggoner, CEO of Waggoner Diagnostics. “Our values and beliefs [are] perfectly aligned both in how we run our businesses, and the desire to make the world a better place – allowing us to thrive in educating doctors about color vision at a global level while having fun doing it.”

Eugene VanArsdale, Vice President of Business and Channel Management at Keeler Americas, echoed T.J. Waggoner’s sentiments on the deeply-held values underpinning the partnership. “At Keeler, we partner with companies that align with our strategy, with a focus on honesty, product integration and problem solving. That’s why we’re excited to announce our partnership with Waggoner Diagnostics,” he said.

Tackling accessibility together

One of the biggest challenges facing suspected patients of color vision defects, and companies and clinics needing to screen for the deficiency, is the ability to administer the test in a way that is both reliable and readily available. “At Waggoner Diagnostics, we are proud that the Waggoner Computerized Color Vision Test validation against the gold standard, the anomaloscope, produced evidence of 98% sensitivity and 100% specificity in a study completed by the United States Navy,” shared Mr. Waggoner

Keeler Americas also believes in the prestige this will bring to their current offerings. “[Waggoner’s] Computerized Color Vision Test provides a valuable solution that can improve eye care,” said Mr VanArsdale. “We believe this digital solution has a colorful future, and that together, we can save sight.” 

Editor’s Note: For more information, please contact:

  • T.J. Waggoner, CEO, Waggoner Diagnostics
    • (+1) 949-396-1694
  • Eugen R. VanArsdale, Vice President of Business Development and Channel Management, Keeler Americas 
    • +1 (800) 523-5620

About Waggoner Diagnostics

Waggoner Diagnostics is a manufacturer of innovative, next-generation color vision testing solutions based in Rogers, Arkansas, USA. Their market-first cross-platform suite of color vision products includes traditional PIP booklets and a computerized, web-based test (Computerized Color Vision Test) that gives a wide range of end consumers an affordable, reliable solution for their color vision screening and diagnostic needs. 

Waggoner Diagnostics is headed by the father-son duo of Chief Executive Officer Terrace L. Waggoner, Jr., T.J., and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Terrace L Waggoner, Sr., who bring over 55 years of combined experience to the company. Frustrated with the lack of testing options when T.J. was diagnosed with color blindness at age 6, Dr. Waggoner Sr. set out to design a set of tests accessible to all, including young children. The company prides itself on ethical and moral business principles, with an emphasis on quality and their mission to ensure customers and partners benefit from interactions with the company and their products at any cost. 

About Keeler Americas

Keeler Americas is a manufacturer of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, clinical supplies, surgical instruments and pharmaceuticals based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA. The company is a subsidiary of Keeler Global (Windsor, UK), which operates under the umbrella of the Amersham, United Kingdom-headquartered Halma plc, a global group of medical and safety equipment companies named in January 2022 as one of Britain’s Most Admired Companies by Management Today. Through Keeler Americas’ vast distribution and manufacturing network, they seek to provide life-changing products and solutions across a broad spectrum of products in the eye care industry. 

With its partner-first mentality, Keeler USA seeks to empower professionals and patients across the nation with life-changing offerings at the highest level of eye care technology. The firm brings its wealth of global expertise, its commitment to credibility and trust and its extensive portfolio of industry-leading solutions to the United States market to save sight and make a difference in the lives of those they serve.

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