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Bernell Corporation Teams up with Waggoner Diagnostics as Preferred Distributor of Color Vision Test Books

Rogers, Arkansas, December 1, 2023

Waggoner Diagnostics and Bernell Corporation, a Mishawaka, Indiana based subsidiary of Vision Training Products, Inc. announced on December 1, 2023 that they have agreed to a strategic partnership for the distribution of Waggoner’s range of color vision testing products. Under the agreement, Bernell Corporation will also become the preferred distributor of Waggoner’s color vision testing booklets for children.

With the partnership agreement, both companies aim to further expand their footprint in the color vision testing market. “With a strong global network of 25 distributors across different countries, Bernell makes an ideal partner for Waggoner’s color vision medical devices,” Waggoner Diagnostics CEO T.J. Waggoner said in a video press release announcing the move. 

As a part of the deal, Bernell will become the preferred distributor of Waggoner’s color vision test books in the United States, positioning them as one of the leading providers of color vision testing products. “We’re thrilled and honored to be selected as the preferred distributor of these test books today,” Bernell CEO Chris Andrews commented.

Bringing industry-leading technology to an area of need

The partnership between the companies is the culmination of a long history of working together to fight color blindness. “Waggoner has long been our key color vision testing product,” reflected Mr. Andrews. “We’ve been carrying the Waggoner Color Vision Testing Made Easy since its inception. We believed at the time and we believe today that Waggoner is the gold standard for testing genetic color deficiencies.”

Forged over years in the industry, the relationship between the companies is rooted in their family-oriented approach and strong commitment to ethical business for the betterment of all. “With Chris Andrews leading as CEO and continuing his family’s legacy, their values, integrity and excellent distribution capabilities make them an outstanding partner for Waggoner Diagnostics,” Mr. Waggoner commented. “And beyond this professionalism, we appreciate their family-oriented approach,” he concluded.

The partnership comes at a critical time for color vision sufferers worldwide. Prevalence has been estimated to be as high as 8% in males worldwide1 in a global workplace environment placing increasing demands recognizing color contrast. 

Mr. Andrews believes Waggoner products are uniquely equipped to serve the mounting need to identify color blindness at all ages. “For years, color vision testing went unchanged. But Waggoner really revolutionized the field when they created the Color Vision Testing Made Easy,” he said. “It was a solution that was truly geared towards pediatric patients who were preschool age”.

For Bernell, Waggoner’s ongoing tradition of innovating to push the accessibility and reliability of color vision testing makes the firm a must-have in their vision testing portfolio. “Today, Waggoner continues to innovate and raise awareness about the importance of color vision testing, which no one else is out there doing,” Mr. Andrews concluded.

Simunovic MP. Colour vision deficiency. Eye (Lond). 2010;24(5):747-755.

Editor’s NoteFor more information, please contact:

  • T.J. Waggoner, CEO, Waggoner Diagnostics
    • +1 (949) 396-1694
  • Chris Andrews, CEO, Bernell Corporation
    • +1 (574) 259-2070

About Waggoner Diagnostics

Waggoner Diagnostics is a manufacturer of innovative, next-generation color vision testing solutions based in Rogers, Arkansas, USA. Their market-first cross-platform suite of color vision products includes traditional PIP booklets and a computerized, web-based test (Computer Color Vision Test) that gives a wide range of end consumers an affordable, reliable solution for their color vision screening and diagnostic needs. 

Waggoner Diagnostics is headed by the father-son duo of Chief Executive Officer Terrace L. Waggoner, Jr. and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Terrace L Waggoner, Sr., who bring over 70 years of combined experience to the company. Frustrated with the lack of testing options when T.J., Jr. was diagnosed with color blindness at age 6, Dr. Waggoner Sr. set out to design a set of tests accessible to all, including young children. The company prides itself on ethical and moral business principles, with an emphasis on quality and their mission to ensure customers and partners benefit from interactions with the company and their products at any cost. 

About Bernell Corporation

Bernell is a leading provider of products and services in the eye care industry, with a curated range of over 2,000 industry-leading solutions across the ophthalmic and optometric fields. Established by Dr. Bernard Vodnoy and his wife in 1954, the business was revived and expanded in 1997 by Craig Andrews, OD and his wife Judy. Family values remain at the heart of the firm’s ethos, with Dr. Andrews’ son taking over to pilot Bernell’s success through the modern vision care space. 

Currently, Bernell operates as a division of Vision Training Products, Inc., with its headquarters located at 4016 N. Home Street, Mishawaka, IN 46545. Bernell’s significant contributions to the industry have led to recognition by many prestigious organizations. This includes the Industry Appreciation Award by the American Optometric Association, awarded for Bernell’s contributions to the industry via advancements in sports vision.

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