How to Send Ophthalmic Supplies to Ukraine

A movement is happening in ophthalmology. It’s a movement to donate ophthalmic equipment to Ukraine, called for by ophthalmologists from that region, and answered by manufacturers worldwide.

In exclusive interviews with Polish ophthalmologists bordering Ukraine, and Ukrainian ophthalmologists in-country, we detail the movement of ophthalmic equipment across borders to where it is needed.

The emotional cries for eye care assistance in Ukraine are powerful, and shared footage is dire. The message is clear. If you are an ophthalmic manufacturer in a position to help, please help now.

In this video, you will learn:

– How to help and support the people of Ukraine

– How the war in Ukraine is affecting eyesight

– The best way to donate ophthalmic equipment to Ukraine

– How medical supplies are sent internationally from Poland to Ukraine

– What key ophthalmic and other medical supplies Ukraine needs now

You may donate to:

Association of Polish Ophthalmic Surgeons (Stowarzyszenie Chirurgów Okulistów Polskich) Str. Szczytowa 7, 20-562 Lublin, Poland


IBAN: PL20 1140 2004 0000 3202 7997 5370

In the title or subject of donation, write: Ukraina/ Ukraine

For questions about donating medical supplies or funds, email the association at: biuro@scop.org.pl

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