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UNA Health and Waggoner Diagnostics Join Forces for Innovative Color Vision Testing Staffing Solutions

Rogers, Arkansas, January 12, 2024

In a joint video announcement on Friday, Waggoner Diagnostics CEO T.J. Waggoner and UNA Health (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA) CEO and founder Ron Gonzalez announced a strategic partnership to integrate Waggoner Diagnostics’ color vision testing into UNA Test, UNA’S Competency Testing & Training platform.

The agreement will see Waggoner’s innovative Computerized Color Vision Test (CCVT) become an integral part of UNA’s battery of tools for effective and efficient screening of clinicians working at hospitals, healthcare staffing firms, and other healthcare organizations.

“At UNA Health, we strive to provide reliable, cutting-edge solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Waggoner Diagnostics’ online color vision test was the perfect match to replace our existing color vision offering,” said Mr. Gonzalez in the video.

Color vision’s outsized impact on healthcare workers

Accurate and rapid visual judgments on patients are a critical part of a healthcare professional’s job, and undiagnosed issues with color vision can impact a provider’s ability to provide care at critical moments. Mr. Waggoner, who lives with color vision deficiencies himself, gave examples of conditions that uncalibrated color vision issues cause problems with.

“[Ron and] the UNA team understood that color vision-deficient healthcare workers had difficulties identifying conditions like stage one pressure ulcers, mouth and throat conditions and skin rashes,” he said.

The emergence of telemedicine and no-contact solutions cannot be understated in the post-COVID healthcare landscape, and UNA Health has emerged as a leader in the sector’s digital transition. Mr. Gonzalez sees color vision deficiency screening as integral to providing industry-leading healthcare credentialing and testing, and the Waggoner CCVT complements their mission of providing reliable digital healthcare staffing screening.

“Color vision deficiency significantly impacts a medical professional’s ability to deliver high standard care,” Mr. Gonzalez said. “That’s why Waggoner’s research-based approach and accurate results – all deliverable remotely – are so critical.”

Mr. Waggoner credited Mr. Gonzalez’ medical expertise as a major force driving the partnership. “UNA and Ron Gonzalez, a nurse by training and UNA’s founder and CEO, have always been dedicated to improving healthcare and finding innovative ways to do so,” he said.

Making a difference in the lives of patients and practitioners

The partnership aims to instill the confidence in employees that staffing managers need in the healthcare sector. Ultimately, both Mr. Waggoner and Mr. Gonzalez emphasized the partnership’s role in the betterment of patient care.

“We at Waggoner are incredibly grateful for UNA’s partnership in helping improve healthcare,” Mr. Waggoner said.

For Mr. Gonzalez, the collaboration is all about the people that represent the core of the industry. “By partnering with Waggoner, we can confidently offer high quality color vision testing that makes a difference in our clients’ practice and the lives of their patients.”

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About Waggoner Diagnostics:

Waggoner Diagnostics is a manufacturer of innovative, next-generation color vision testing solutions based in Rogers, Arkansas, USA. Their market-first cross-platform suite of color vision products includes traditional PIP booklets and a computerized, web-based test (Computerized Color Vision Test) that gives a wide range of end consumers an affordable, reliable solution for their color vision screening and diagnostic needs.

Waggoner Diagnostics is headed by the father-son duo of Chief Executive Officer Terrace L. Waggoner, Jr., T.J., and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Terrace L Waggoner, Sr., who bring over 55 years of combined experience to the company. Frustrated with the lack of testing options when T.J. was diagnosed with color blindness at age 6, Dr. Waggoner Sr. set out to design a set of tests accessible to all, including young children. The company prides itself on ethical and moral business principles, with an emphasis on quality and their mission to ensure customers and partners benefit from interactions with the company and their products at any cost.

About UNA Health

UNA Health of Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, offers innovative, mobile solutions to onboarding, recruitment, employee selection and compliance challenges in the healthcare industry. The two platforms at the core of their business are UNA TEST (competency testing, skill checklists and regulatory education) and UNA WALLET (credential management). Using open APIs, these platforms integrate seamlessly with each other and with third-party platforms to improve applicant engagement, facilitate compliance workflows and establish baseline clinical competencies.

UNA is founded on the belief that talent is the cornerstone of the modern healthcare marketplace. This ethos is a reflection of the leadership of CEO and Founder Ron Gonzalez, whose background as a clinician, helps guide the company’s direction. Ron brings over two decades of experience in developing and scaling innovative technologies within the healthcare industry, to the table, driving UNA’s forward-thinking vision for a digital future.

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