Optometry and the Future of Eye Care (1)

Optometry in India: Talking Policy with IOA President Dr. Subodh Dixit at APOC 2023

Dr. Subodh Dixit is the current head of the Indian Optometric Association, and we were happy to catch up with him at APOC this year. So what’s happening in Indian optometry? With more than 7,000 optometry students graduating every year in India and a population large enough to support an enormous optometric industry, Dr. Dixit and the IOA foresee India becoming an increasingly robust hub for eyecare.

Optometry as a profession in India is undergoing some fresh reforms, so we turned to Dr. Dixit to discuss what he thinks needs to happen going forward. Standardization of the industry, including nomenclature from universities, is one step. Legislation is underway to separate the two, and things are looking up — but there’s still lots of work to do. Stay tuned for more APOC coverage! 
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