Optometry and the Future of Eye Care: Interview with Dr. Rajeev Prasad at APOC 2023

India is often thought of as a bellwether of sorts for global trends, and eye care is no exception. In this interview, MICE TV interviews Dr. Rajeev Prasad, Vice President of the Asia Pacific Council of Optometry (APCO), to talk about the oftentimes contentious relationship between optometry and ophthalmology, and why the world should keep their eye on the evolving eye care milieu in India.

With a big population and a mere 26,000 or so ophthalmologists, Dr. Prasad sees a rising and urgent need for quality eye care in India. In the video, he offers insights on how optometrists are ready to help – and not hurt – ophthalmologists in the battle against unmet needs across the vision space. Offering cataract cooperation and the yearly Holi dip (!?) as teachable moments, Dr. Prasad then explains how ODs and MDs can better integrate for the good of all, from the clinic to the university and beyond.
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